To leave or not to leave...

Some interesting discussion points arose today during a meeting with one of my new customers.  She thinks that she wants to move on from her current role, but was uncertain as to what was driving her thought process as to why she wants to do this.


So we started figuring out why she potentially wants to leave.


We arrived at the conclusion that she had to look at three factors that would provide clarity of thought.


These were:

  • Is she looking to change her career and start again/retrain? 
  • Is she not happy working for her current company because of a lack of professional development?
  • Is she not feeling empowered at work and not valued and respected? Is this leading to a lack of job satisfaction and the “ I dread Sunday evenings as work is the next day” feeling.

It transpired that her reasons for looking elsewhere were a combination of boredom and a lack of job satisfaction that had built up over the last 18 months. Coupled with this was a work/life imbalance, where she often felt forced to choose between her career and her personal life.


We are now working on a 12 week plan of action that will allow her to meet her goals and hopefully move on to a company and job that she enjoys and feels passionate about.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss any career options that you are mulling over.