Please read our latest testimoinial from Alex in Bristol.

'I approached Jason in search of a career change after working in the same role for several years. I had no idea what options were out there for me and struggled to find the self confidence needed to begin my search. After speaking with Jason, I began to understand how transferable my skills were to other roles, which opened up more opportunities for me. Jason has been very supportive and understanding throughout this process. He has helped me to value the skills I have cultivated in my work and has given me great advice in terms of pursuing a job of my dreams. I would recommend him to anyone that feels they are stuck in a rut and have no idea what is out there for them. '


Thanks :) Alex

Career's Fair at Monmouth Comprehensive

I attended the Annual Career's and Higher Education Fair hosted by Monmouth Comprehensive on the 17th January 2017 in my capacity as a role model for the Welsh Government.  

I was representing the Big Ideas Wales initiative that looks to encourage young people to start a business and make business ideas become a reality.

I met with a number of young people who were genuinely interested in business and asked so many relevant questions about what it takes to run your own business.  

It is so encouraging to see so many young students who have a real interest in starting a business.

Starting Up In Business?

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the great turnout in December, I was presenting to a number of people who are in the process of or thinking about setting up in business.  The event was sponsored by Nat West and was held at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff.  It was inspiring to hear about the efforts people are putting in when starting up, I covered a number of topics including marketing, the need for contingency, how to utilise social media, the importance of  sales planning and when to employ staff.  The positive feedback was much appreciated!. 

"After relocating to Cardiff from London without a job or any contacts in the area, a friend recommended that I get in touch with Jason for some advice on networking in the South Wales area. Jason offered a priceless helping hand to me in the terms of his knowledge of the area, including putting me in contact with his wide network of contacts. 


Jason really cares about people's careers, aspirations and even people's personal circumstances - he keeps in touch offering support where possible. I really cannot recommend Jason highly enough."


Alexia Fletcher, Cardiff.

Please read my latest Testimonial

Jason gave me a professional critique of my CV, which enabled me to be more concise and succinct but was still  able to convey across my personality. In terms of interview techniques, Jason gave me valuable insight into the employers perspective which helped me consider how effective my responses would be, what would be the impact, what would leave a lasting impression and what are my USPs. 


Jason is very professional. His expertise and knowledge in this field is evident. Communication was clear, concise and jargon free making concepts, theory and ideas easy to consider.

Jason showed a real passion and enthusiasms which gave me confidence.  I also felt that he is totally committed to helping me succeed. This whole experience has been a valuable insight.  

Han Piggott, Cardiff