At Career VIP Ltd we have 16 years experience of working within the careers and recruitment industry.

 We have a very personal and supportive approach when working with our customers, we offer career guidance and career coaching that will enlighten and open up new pathways to change.  

We also work with organisations that require assistance with,  ensuring that the talent acqusition models they use are cost effective and getting results.

Our initial consultation is free and is designed to give you all of the information that you will need regarding how we can assist you, each customer is dealt with on a bespoke level that is tailored made to the individual.  For details of our fees please get in touch as they can differ for each customer due to what they are looking to achieve and what goals that they wish to reach.

For Individuals


We work with job seekers who require career coaching in order to change jobs or direction, with experienced workers who find themselves redundant and with students looking to find their first job.

At Career VIP we support and develop you in a number of key areas regarding your job search, including career choices, job hunting and applications, interview and CV preparation, making positive first impressions, and salary negotiation.

Using proven techniques we are able to nurture new ideas and perhaps solutions that were not thought of.  Support, encourage and motivate.

For Businesses

We  work closely with organisations that require support with recruitment solutions, from effective interview techniques to streamlining the application process.  

The key to our offering is a very personal and bespoke range of assistance, tailored to each situation or individual.  We work with Companies that are making redundancies and wish to offer employees a support network to find that next job.  Our career guidance and coaching is available on a single basis or group scenario.

We also act as consultants to SME's who are looking for assistance with recruitment process.